Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Packing Up

Here are a few more pictures of the shipping container. It was picked up on Monday June 26 and we are told it will arrive in New Zealand around August 30. Don and I will arrive in New Zealand on July 6 . . . so what are we going to do? Well, it will be hotels and bed and breakfasts throughout July. We hope to rent a home in Nelson starting August 1. We sent a couple of packages in advance with an air mattress and bedding. So, we are sleeping on an air mattress today and in New Zealand it will be the same for awhile too!

This will be our last post before we fly off on July 4. We look forward to checking in with all of you once we land and get some sleep! Stay in touch with comments . . .
Angela and Don

Friday, June 23, 2006

The storage container has arrived!

Our first official post! Today, June 22, our storage container arrived and was parked in front of our house. We are spending the weekend loading it as full as possible to make sure things don't shift and move about . . . and break. I am sure something will break, it always does. Best to have a good attitude about it and just expect it and then it won't shock so much!

When the fellow first drove by, I told Don, "it looks so small." He said, "I knew it!" Knew what? Don's become a conspiracy theorist--we got the extra small container. LOL. Of course it's the right size and now that it is looming over our yard it does look larger. We'll fit everything and then some, I am sure, because we've mapped out all the dimensions in our garage and we've been working with that for months. Can you tell though, that we might have trouble getting our stuff inside it . . . since it sits 4 feet off the ground!!! Yep, we tried to get a ramp but haven't found one so we're improvising--with our step ladder I guess!! It's going to be a comedy of errors. But we'll probably laugh a lot, well I will laugh and Don will freak out since he's been stressed about this one task for weeks now.

We're excited to get underway for sure, mostly because come Sunday night we'll be sleeping on an air mattress. Our cat Olivia "Livvy" has landed in Christchurch and is underway through her quarantine, so I guess we're committed now!