Friday, September 22, 2006

An updated tour of our home

First off, we're not THIS dirty and sloppy--keep in mind we are still in the unpacking phase and we're damn slow at it. But the major pieces are in place and we're just fine-tuning and picking up the garbage and miscellaneous stuff.
This is our kitchen, all stocked with dishes and pots and pans, but little food right now. I'm soaking pintos in the corner--we're having burritos tonight baby! You can't see any difference I know, it still looks like a hallway. But the cabinets are full and those of you clever enough see the big "A" on the fridge know us well.

Looking out from the kitchen doorway, this is the lounge, or the living room. The glass door is off to the right--you can see where the light comes from--and the rest of the house is off to the left. Our TV is just in the picture on the right and Livvy dines just beyond.

Turning around to the opposite corner, I'm taking this picture from between the brown and red couches in the last picture. You see into the kitchen, etc. We went through our book boxes--about 15 of them--and took out about 100 books to read over the next year, and stocked them under the TV. The rest were packed back up for the next move.

As we look from the glass windows/doors to the back of the room, you see the rest of the brown couch (remember how long it was :) ) and the big green chair that we can now enjoy. We counted spaces in our lounge and we can seat 10 people on 3 pieces of furniture! We bought this coffee table/chest at the used furniture place for $200 NZ, or $130 US. It looks brand new and allows us a great place for all my yarn, basically. It is also our dining room table.

Here is our bedroom. I'm as far against the wall as I can get. Yes, the bedroom is basically one big bed. I left the closet open so you can see how crammed our stuff is, but half our clothing is still in bags in the garage for the next move or put away for the season. We have plastic containers under the bed too.

Now I'm at another wall against the window--we bought a fabric armoire for coats and suits to free up closet space. That first dresser is ours from Colorado, but there is a smaller dresser next to it that we just bought at the second-hand store. We came away with 3 dressers from that trip to the second-hand store for storage, we felt that was the best way to keep everything in the house. As you can see, the bed dominates the room.

This is our bedroom furniture for the next year, both of our side tables are boxes! Full boxes from the garage so we free up garage space.

This is the hallway and I am taking the photo from the garage door looking left into the lounge and right into the office. Off to the left is the bedroom, off to the right are the 2 bathrooms. This is the second dresser we bought at the used place to keep more stuff in and it's our "toss your keys on" furniture item.

Here is the office/computer room. File cabinet made it through the trip with a couple of dents and lots of dirt, we bought another little drawer thing and the hutch you see and they have helped make a lot of room so we can organize our papers. We still recycle, see the 3 boxes on the left side of the floor--3 different recycle boxes. We've not attacked this room to organize or clean much yet, it's next on the list.

Turning around in this room, taking the photo standing next to the file cabinet, we have Don's 2 dressers, one we bought when we first got here, the other on the left is the 3rd one we just got used. Plus Livvy's private space in between. This is a multi-purpose room.

This is not to illustrate what slobs we are . . . this tub has been our laundry bin. When we unloaded everything it was piled high with clothes, sheets, towels, everything. Now it's down to a manageable level, although I am queen of laundry, doing it near daily for the past 3 weeks!


At Sat Sep 23, 03:45:00 pm NZST, Blogger Nancy F said...

Hi Don and Angela

I just popped in to check your blog after a few months away, and I see you made it to Chch. I actually felt a little homesick and proprietary reading your post. It's like I don't want anyone to say anything bad about the place. Before we left, my work mates made me promise to say only positive things. One thing you'll never get a feel for with such a short visit is the absolute wonderfulness of most of the people. I'll never forget their kindness and generousity. I still keep in touch with some of them and hope they'll come to visit my world someday.

Steve and I are almost settled in Nashville. We move into our enormous, 3-bedroom apartment tomorrow (it has central heat!!). After only 9 months away from the States, we are blown away by how inexpensive everything here is. All in all, we're thrilled to be back "home" and wish you all continued happiness on your adventure.

At Sun Sep 24, 02:22:00 am NZST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like everything is coming into shape! The pictures were great to look at - we really get a feel for your new place. Porter says "MEEOOOWWWWW" (loudly of course) to you guys! Mom & Richie

At Sun Sep 24, 11:18:00 am NZST, Blogger DNA said...

Hi Nancy and Steve, welcome back to the blog! Glad you are getting settled, it sure takes a lot of time, we know!

Our visit to Christchurch was a lot of fun, and the people everywhere in this country are incredible. I think what we didn't like about the city was simply it's geography and the vastness of the development, it reminded us of what we left in Colorado and we personally wanted something very different. So you'll not hear anything negative from us ever about residents of the city, or how gorgeous the downtown area was and the Arts Center (we loved this) but we were glad to find out that we made the right choice for ourselves in moving to Nelson.


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